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A few suggestions for easier setup


  1. A NAnt version > 0.86 Beta 1 is needed (nightly) to work successfully on Vista without anything else installed (otherwise, you'll get an "sdkInstallRoot not defined" error).
  2. When using such a NAnt version inclusion of System.dll as reference is missing from the build script (Regex and the generic collections are not found otherwise).
  3. WindowsLive.API.dll is looked for in Program Files (x86), this only applies to 64 bit systems. On 32 bit, you need to fix the path manually.
  4. The WiX setup would not run for me, I simply deployed the two dlls manually.
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Installer tested


Abouch wrote Mar 29, 2009 at 5:57 PM

Hi - thanks for the feedback - much appreciated. I'll look into the NAnt and WindowsLive.API.dll dependencies.

I've just tested the 4.0.1 msi installer on Vista 32bit and Vista 64bit - and both worked fine with Windows Live Writer 2009. Live writer was able to find the DLLs based on the registry settings ok - in the C:\Program Files\FiftyEightBits\PreCodePlugin directory - so hopefully you shouldn't have to copy the DLLs across.

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